About - Olivier Chavet

Born in Aachen and raised in Belgium, Olivier Chavet now lives and works in the Eifel, where he finds both proximity to nature and the opportunity to freely develop his musical creativity.
Fascinated by drums, he began his musical training in classical percussion as a child. From the beginning, his enthusiasm for the modern drum set was decisive for his choice of instrument. His interest in pop and rock music led to numerous band and live experiences in his early teens.

In his musical development, he soon discovered jazz for himself. Alongside his passion for music, he developed a closeness to nature. And so he first studied agricultural sciences before his path led him to Maastricht a few years later, where he completed a degree in jazz drumming.

Through his work as a sideman in various jazz formations, his confidence in his own musical creativity grew. So he soon found his way into the recording studio, where his first record “RACINES” was recorded in 2021.

In addition to his creative work, Olivier Chavet is a music teacher in the subjects of classical percussion, modern drums, and band workshops. For more than twenty years, he and his family have been running a farm in the Eifel region according to organic guidelines.

Without a plan, out of spontaneous moments of calm, the music for my album “RACINES” came into being…. Music is and remains a huge adventure.

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